Our effort for high-quality products

Our effort for high-quality products

Under our strict quality control system, we produce PTFE with high-quality. We received ISO9001:2015 on December, 2011. PTFE products are used in severe environments. This is the reason why that we set up strict quality control system to produce the best PTFE. We have high confidence with our PTFE quality. We guarantee that our PTFE will satisfy out customers' needs.

ISO certification

We have acquired the ISO9001:2015. We commit to use all of our man power and our resources efficiently to contribute to manufacture the best products.

Certification scope
Manufacturing of engineering plastic products

Examination record
Certification body
Intertek Certification Japan Ltd.
Certificate authority
UKAS(United Kingdom Accreditation Sarvice)
Applicable standard
Certified year and date
December 10, 2011
Expiration date
December 9, 2017
Registered number
Certified office and factories
Head office, Osaka, Hokuriku office

Quality Policy

Our mission is to maintain and to improve our customers' satisfaction through our business activities of manufacturing and selling of engineering plastic and super engineering plastic good. To conduct our mission thoroughly, we determine our quality policy here.

  1. To meet our customers' needs and expectations, we do our best to produce goods for them to gain their trust and satisfaction.

  2. To out much effort for successive improvement of effectiveness of quality management system.

  3. To set up our goals of quality policy ad check our achievement.
  4. To make sure all of employees fully understand our quality policy and we strive for keeping up of and improving our customers' satisfaction.


Environmental Initiatives

We recycle and reuse the material waste generated during the manufacturing process. We aim to effectively make the most of the raw materials provided.

5S activity

We carry on thoroughly with the 5S activities inside the company. The tools and components are organized so that anyone can find them when needed. Also, we dispose all the unneeded things in order to create more space for more comfortable work. Our 5S activity influences directly to our product quality.